Cuppa Kin | Issue #1 May 2020

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by u/Drpoofaloof - May 11, 2020

The cryptocurrency community has been filled with mostly men since its founding. The Kin ecosystem just might be the cryptocurrency community that upends this demographic trend. More than 1,300,000 women are already monthly active users in the Kin ecosystem, with many more aware of Kin thanks to the apps they use. This alone will make Kin an integral part of cryptocurrency's journey to mass adoption and will crack open the world of crypto to the other half of the population.

Let's highlight three of the top apps in the Kin ecosystem that have large female user bases: P365, Rave and Kik. Collectively, these apps boast 1,360,000 female monthly active earners and about 950,000 female monthly active spenders.

According to the virtual makeup app P365, its user base is 92% female. It claims to have approximately 460,000 female users who are monthly active earners of Kin and 345,000 women who are monthly active spenders.

The Rave app allows users to watch videos together with their friends. Web analytics company SimilarWeb says 34% of Rave users are women. The app counts 680,000 women who are monthly active earners of Kin and 510,000 women who are monthly active spenders.

According to SimilarWeb, 22% of Kik users are women. The chat app has 220,000 women who are monthly active earners of Kin and 96,800 women who are monthly active spenders.

These three apps alone have over 1.3 million women using Kin cryptocurrency every month and have the potential to introduce it to millions more. They are all developing new ways to encourage Kin spending in-app and with 10s of millions of users theres a lot of room to grow. What's even more exciting is that all three apps haven't yet integrated Kin cryptocurrency into the iOS version of their apps. If and when that happens, many more will be introduced to Kin.

The Kin ecosystem is introducing cryptocurrency to both women and men in an accessible, user-friendly way. Many other apps in the expanding Kin ecosystem are used by women — and women are also a growing part of the Kin developer community. The cryptocurrency revolution can’t fully come into its own without the active participation of women. If cryptocurrency is to live by its founding principles, it must integrate women into its economy more equitably than fiat. Thankfully, the Kin ecosystem is striving to create diverse, accessible digital experiences and transactions.


with Joshua Doner - May 10, 2020

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Submitted Questions

What exchange is trustworthy enough to by Kin from in order to keep the Kin Ads mechanism going? And which one will be bought from?

How can I integrate Kin Ads in an app?

Q1) Today, it looks like ads views are purchased with cash and and the end user ends up with Kin in return. Do you see a future where Kin can be used to purchase views? And if so, would KinAds offer a discount for doing so?

Q2) What are the benefits to using a new service like KinAds vs. the existing heavyweights of the space like Chartboost, UnityAds, etc?

Q2a) Will users of KinAds receive analytics showing views, clicks, CTR, Installs, etc?

Q3) Is there any advantage for devs to switch from our existing solution to yours?

Q4) It looks like the KinAds model aggregates various existing ad networks and shows their ads. Is there a plan to create your own independent ad network?

Q4a) This subreddit should know that ads are expensive! From my own experience i've learned that video advertising in North America averages ~$2.50 an install. Has there ever been a point where the Ad providers are unable to serve ads? We really hope that is common because if you had your own ad network we would love to step in as a small scale provider of last resort and offer below market rates for advertising.

Hello Josh, On their own, smaller apps would have to wait months to build up to the minimum withdrawal threshold required by many Ad Mediation Platforms What is the concrete impact for smaller Apps? Which threshold? Does it mean that Kin Ads is suitable only for mid-big sized Apps?

will kin ads be working with any big apps?

Will there be a plugin for Unity?

Will KinAds only work for apps or websites as well?

How long does it take to receive your kin after watching an ad.
do you buy a tiny bit of kin everytime someone watches an ad, or do you buy a load at once?


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In July of 2019, MonkingMe became the first music app to join the Kin Ecosystem and has seen an impressive rise in monthly active spenders of Kin. Today, that number is over 78,000.

The app not only gives artists and fans the chance to earn and spend Kin, but a new way to engage with one another.

Follow the links below to learn all about this exciting integration...

With more than three thousand reviews on the app stores, MonkingMe is in the top 10 of music apps. Choose your operating system and find out why...


by Polype01


The Kin Foundation has approved a language edit to the current KRE for the sake of clarity.

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Are you looking to hire a dev or join a team? Do you have ideas for Kin apps that you'd like to donate?

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Hi Guys,

I have an opportunity I would like to discuss with people from the UK who are interested in creating a KIN related app. This project is strictly for UK persons only, however at a later date it will be opened up to people outside of the UK.

Can people who are interested please get in touch and I will message you some details. I will need to know your experience as well.

Contact u/lmaton on Reddit for more details

Posted: May 22, 2020


I'm looking for a couple developers who are familiar with Kin to help develop an app. Please PM me if you're interested in hearing more about the project.

Contact u/Drpoofaloof on Reddit for more details

Posted: May 12, 2020


Looking for someone who has up to date knowledge on coding and kin integrationCan provide modern graphics for a gameLooking for both android and Apple releasesWilling to sign a NDA

To inquire about this opportunity please contact me @ u/ABsKiLLz_13

Posted: May 12, 2020


For an awesome picture based KIN game app I'm looking for;

A developer to bring this game to lifeA UX designer to make the app impressively smooth and appealingContact u/Santos1986 on reddit for more details.Must be willing to sign an NDA

Contact u/Santos1986 on Reddit for more details

Posted: May 11, 2020


Hey. i am developing i just launched the DUNO ETH token.

i am going to be giving way DUNO token and KIN for free for various tasks. no ICO at all.

i always need UI/UX & programmers (mostly PHP) i am drowning in programming work :-D

but i want only little things done here and there from freelancers rather than hire someone. i don't want to sell equity at all in the project.

Contact u/danjiflow on Reddit for more details

Posted: May 11, 2020


Folks interested in supporting the development of Kin.

a developer to build the gamea UX designer to make it look gooda partner to help design the story and functionality

Contact u/Cointoss88 on Reddit for more details

Posted: May 11, 2020

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